Objectives and tasks

Objectives of the operation of the association is to help putting in order and develop the financial services industry operating outside the banking sector.


  • By uniting alternative financial services companies working in the Latvian financial sector, to ensure the representation and implementation of their interests at the national and international level, promoting the sustainable development of the Latvian financial sector.

In order to achieve the objectives, the association has set tasks including the following:

  • Active participation in the drafting of strategic and conceptual documents for the development of the industry;
  • Cooperation with the relevant supervisory institutions and other state administration institutions;
  • Organization of measures aimed against unfair commercial practices;
  • Research of the relevant market;
  • Representation of interests of the members in relations with legal entities and individuals;
  • Promotion of recognition of the association;
  • Provision of legal assistance and consulting for the members of the association.